This product is designed to take the weight off your shoulders while standing on the peg. You simply load it up prior to the drive, preferably with 67mm – 70mm cartridges. Once you reach your peg, you simply spike the loading stick into the ground. The advantage to the loading stick is that it holds 30 cartridges, you can also place 25 cartridges in one pocket, leaving your other pocket empty for spent cartridges, while still being able to have 55 cartridges total on a drive without all that weight in your pockets.
Pockets full of cartridges is like having a really heavy and wet coat on, its extrememly hard work over the day and can cause a stiff neck and back.

The loading stick is also a faster way to load once you’ve developed the skill of grabbing two cartridges at once and stuff them in your gun.

We recommend that you use a double gun slip to carry your loading stick along with your gun to the drives.

£120.00 £72.00