MEC 9000GN

MEC 9000 series gives high-speed, high-volume progressive reloading.

The 9000GN is MEC’s most impressive progressive reloading machine, allowing the user to produce a finished shell with every stroke as all reloading operations are performed at all six stations.

The revolutionary Auto-Dex™ automatically moves the shells through each reloading stage by simply returning the handle to the top of its stroke. Accurately resized shells are achieved with each stroke by the Power Ring collect resizer. Finished shells are automatically ejected from the shell carrier after final crimping. This time-saving feature makes one-more-hand operation obsolete. The machine has a three stage crimp system and also features an automatic bar lock device so that a single cartridge can be loaded without any spillage.

The 9000GN is available in 12ga, 16ga, 20ga, 28ga and .410. Die sets are not available.

Gauge Charge Bar Bushings
12ga 1 1/8 oz 29,30,32
16ga 1oz 23,25,29
20ga 7/8oz 20,22,24
28ga 3/4oz 14,16,21
.410 2 1/2″ 1/2oz 10,11,12